Living a full life is risky business

The Eden Alternative® in Australia, New Zealand and now South East Asia, is delighted to welcome you to our Eden conference in beautiful Brisbane in October 2019. The theme of the conference aims to challenge the view that living well and positive ageing shouldn’t be seen as a negative risk.

Taking risks is an everyday human challenge for all of us. How we create meaningful, engaging communities where everyone is treated as an individual with choice and autonomy is key. Yes, this means you as a staff member as well! Risk simply means the outcome of an action that may result in something unexpected.

The unexpected result of a risky action might be a positive meaningful experience, the kind of experience that makes life worth living. This is often called “upside risk.” Risks can also result in negative experiences or downside risks.

Life and living it to the full requires us to enter fully into the world of risk.

The secret to having fulfilling and successful lives in our risky world is, wherever possible to enhance the upside risk experiences and identify, manage and minimise downsize risk.

This conference unites people from around the world who provide support and care services in acute facilities, disability services, in-home environments, community day centres and for those living in long-term communities (residential and small homes) within local, regional, international, rural and remote areas. We are living in a world of compliance and control, and down side risk in an industry that is deficit funded.

We invite you to join us and share your stories, embrace the journey of cultural change which encompasses the challenges and opportunities that enable people to live meaningfully, with risk no matter their age or where they may live or reside.

Come lend your voice to the conversation!

As T.S. Eliot says, Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.